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The Yocan Regen Wax Vaporizer is one of the latest wax concentrates vapes from manufacturer Yocan 

Yocan has been the home of affordable vaporizers that boast high-quality builds and relatively high-quality components. That said, you’ll components in the Yocan Regen Wax Vaporizer you’d only see on some of the more expensive dab pens like an integrated silicone jar that allows you to carry extra wax concentrates so you won’t have to carry an extra wax container every time you plan to dab outside. This makes the Yocan Regen Wax Vaporizer a wax vaporizer that’s truly centered around portability and on-the-go use. That said, the connecting points between the mouthpiece and the actual battery are linked by strong and durable magnets. This makes operation a whole lot easy as well as reloading your Yocan Regen Wax Vaporizer – not to mention removal and replacement of the atomizers. 

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Apple Green, Black, Grey, Light Blue, Light Red, Stainless Steel


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