KandyPens ICON Attachment

  • 3 Unique Nails (Quartz, Ceramic & Titanium)
  • 510 Threaded
  • Operates with TC and Wattage Control Batteries
  • LED Illumination
  • Magnetic Carb Cap & Dab Tool
  • Ground Glass Water Filtration Attachment
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The KandyPens ICON Attachment is a 510 threaded mod kit designed with the daily dabber in mind. Three unique nails (quartz, ceramic and titanium) give you the ability to dab on the surface your choice. Everyone has their own personal preference after all. A little LED beneath the nail allows for use of the ICON even in low light situations. You are always able to see the dabbing nail and it adds a bit of flair to your overall experience. The attachment also includes a water filtration adapter with a ground glass connection. Directly fill the bubbler with water and enjoy a dab or connect it to your glass water pipe for even larger hits. The KandyPens ICON Attachment is rounded out with a magnetic carb cap and dab tool. Since the metal tool is completely removable from the cap, it never gets in your face while dabbing.


Every concentrate is a little bit different so the ICON Attachment includes three various styles of nails. You get quartz, ceramic and titanium all right in the box. If you are looking for the fastest heat up time, then the quartz dab nail will be your answer. The ceramic nail provides fantastic heat retention and is ideal for group situations where a bunch of people will be dabbing. Since it is a portable e-nail, you will likely be taking it on the go which the titanium nail is great for. Being the most durable of the three, titanium takes any concern out of transporting the KandyPens ICON. Try them all and find which one works the best for you.


Have you ever been in a dark room and just wanted to dab? With the KandyPens ICON there is no reason to get up and turn the lights on. This attachment comes with a built-in LED light that illuminates below the nail. Not only does it make for a fun little feature, it is also practical. Since the ICON is a portable e-nail there are plenty of opportunities to utilizes the light. This rig is for every situation, even if you’re just dabbing in the dark.


Dabs can be a pretty powerful thing so cooling the vapor through water helps for a smoother experience. The glass bubbler attachment you receive with the ICON can be filled directly with water to moisture condition your hits anywhere you are. Featuring a ground glass connection that removes the top mouthpiece portion, this glass attachment can be connected to the down stem of your favorite water pipe. This allows you to achieve even larger clouds from your concentrates by extending the vapor path.


In order to obtain the proper airflow the carb cap must be placed above the nail after the wax has been applied. Utilizing a magnetic connection, the dab tool can be tipped down sideways so it is not in your face while dabbing. It is even completely removable if you prefer to simply set the carb cap in place without the tool even attached. Both parts are constructed from metal there is no concern of them breaking during use or travel. And since the KandyPens ICON Attachment is a portable dab rig, you’ll be taking it on the move frequently.


  • 1x ICON Attachment Base
  • 1x Quartz Nail
  • 1x Ceramic Nail
  • 1x Titanium Nail
  • 1x Metal Carb Cap and Dab Tool

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