KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer

  • Limited Edition Design by Amber Rose
  • Coilless Atomizer with Quartz Crystal Chamber
  • Double Quartz Rod Atomizer with Quartz Crystal Chamber
  • .5ML Refillable Glass Tank
  • Nude & Glitter Lacquer With Gold Trim
  • Sleek, Sexy Pen-Style Design
  • 10-Second Sesh Mode
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece with Carb
  • Elevated Airflow System
  • Deep Chamber
  • No Wicks or Dyes
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 510-Threaded
  • Designed and Developed in USA
  • Handmade
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Bursting with glamour, the KandyPens Amber Rose is a vaporizer designed by artist, model, and fashion icon, Amber Rose. Sexy and stealthy, the Amber Rose comes in a shimmering nude lacquer with gold trim; brushed with specks of glitter, this vape pen showcases sophistication and style. Featuring a sleek and slender build, powerful variable voltage battery, and premium atomizer kit, the Amber Rose vape pen by KandyPens delivers thick, delicious, and potent vapor. Portable and compact, the Amber Rose is a pocket-friendly companion that is ideal for vaping fashionable on-the-go. Packaged in a hard-shell leather case adorned with a geometric rose design, this vape pen comes with everything you need to enjoy the true flavors and effects of concentrates. This limited edition KandyPens vaporizer boasts the bold and beautiful charisma of its iconic designer, placing true power in your palm, pocket or purse.


The Amber Rose vape pen comes with two high-quality solid concentrate atomizers and a .5mL refillable glass liquid concentrate tank. An all-quartz crystal coilless chamber efficiently heats at a lower temperature to produce maximum flavor extraction without combustion, while the dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber creates big clouds of milky vapor. Featuring leakproof designs, each atomizer is engineered for superior airflow, spill-resistant operation, and excellent vapor production. If you’re ready to switch over to liquid concentrates, attach the included high-grade borosilicate glass tank, it will deliver smooth, delicious hits.


The device has a dynamic variable voltage battery with four preset temperature settings so you can tailor your clouds to your preferences. Designed with a straightforward, click-based control system, the KandyPens logo push button makes switching between temperatures a convenient, seamless experience. The color-coded control button flashes when the unit is turned on or off, and again when toggling between temperatures. Vapor quality and flavor are magnified by Sesh Mode. Simply double tap the control button and Sesh Mode will be activated, providing 10 seconds of continuous, smooth vapor; the coil will be kept hot so you can pass the Amber Rose pen around the room. Enjoy small, flavor-rich sips, moderate rips, and huge clouds, whatever you like. Conveniently charge the Amber Rose vape pen via micro USB using the included 510-threaded charging attachment.


Merging style, quality, and design, the KandyPens Amber Rose vape pen offers a smarter, sexier, and stealthier vaping experience. The latest in a lineup of artist collaborations that includes A$AP Rocky and DJ Khaled, the Amber Rose vaporizer boasts a seductive yet classy look and feel with all the cutting-edge features for which KandyPens is known.


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