Empire Glassworks – Recycler Mini Rig – Beehive

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Wholesale Empire Glassworks – Recycler – Mini Rig Beehive

Bee-Ware! This Rig Rips.

Empire Glasswork’s mini recyclers are a testament to their lampwork mastery and glimpse of their pioneering scientific work. Themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique, each one perfectly depicts and emphasizes the conservation of a specific at risk habitat or endangered species. It features an adorable honeycomb beehive slathered in honey, surrounded by a platoon of buzzing bees as they navigate a labyrinth of waterways to provide you the smoothest, sweetest, smoking experience.


  • Recycler Style Water Pipe
  • Reinforced Banger Hanger
  • 14.5mm Female; Ground Joint
  • 14.5mm Male; Beehive Flower Bowl
  • Bent Neck With Empire Glassworks Logo
  • Bees & Honey Drip Embellishments


  • Height: 8.0″
  • Width: 4.5″

Empire Glassworks


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