Empire Glassworks – Nano Rig – Panda


Wholesale Empire Glassworks – Nano Rig – Panda

No friends to toke? No problem!

Individually, hand-crafted heady glass bong water pipe, made right here in the USA by Empire Glassworks. This rig consists of five panda cubs, three on the base, one on the bowl, and another on top, which acts as the mouthpiece. Yes, you do inhale from a panda’s but. Included is a fixed downstem with three holes for filtration.

Empire Glassworks is an American glass company located in Placentia, CA made up of a team of highly talented and creative glassblowers. A lot of Empire Glass pieces are inspired by popular trends in our society along with themed glass designs modeled after some of the most popular movies and shows.


  • Mini Beaker Panda-Themed Tube
  • Fixed Three-Hole Downstem
  • 14.5mm Reinforced Female Banger Hanger
  • 14.5mm Male; Panda Bowl Piece
  • Mini Panda Accents


  • Height: 6.5″
  • Width: 3.5″

Empire Glassworks


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