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Big thing. Small Package.

The slim size of this Boundless vaporizer does not sacrifice power or performance. All of the Boundless vapes do an incredible job of delivering billowing mouthfuls of vapor at a fair price, the CFC is no exception. Their goal with the CFC was to provide great sessions anywhere, anytime while being able to maintain some stealth. There are no bright lights, no dings or bells or vibrating signals; it just vapes the herb you put in it, no muss no fuss. The CFC is powered by a single battery that can last about 15-18 sessions on a full charge. You can enjoy vaping for about 75-90 minutes on a single charge at five min session intervals. The bottom line with the CFC; You’re going to get big hits out of a pretty small vaporizer and the battery life is good. It can get hot around the oven, but the mouthpiece stays at room temperature. Hold it from the bottom. The temperature settings are simple, click up or down on the buttons and it will stay right where you leave it for the session time. The oven is deep set and surrounded in ceramic, so it conducts heat quickly, only taking about 20 seconds to heat up.

  • Battery:Single core rechargeable battery allowing for up to 18 sessions on one charge
  • Height: 5″
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Digital display custom temperature control
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • User Manual
  • USB charging cable
  • For Dry Herb only



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