Atmos Jump

  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Powerful 1200mAh Battery
  • Anodized Heating Chamber
  • Heats Quickly
  • Fast Charging
  • Dimensions: 6″L x 4″W x 2″D
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Atmos is a global leader in innovative vaporizer technology and design, producing some of the most pocket-friendly yet powerful units on the market. Continuing their legacy of blending performance and portability, they brought us the Atmos Jump. A hybrid vape pen and portable vaporizer, the Jump combines the best of both worlds in a sleek, portable package. Equipped with an anodized heating chamber with no exposed coils, the Atmos Jump features just one optimized temperature setting, streamlining the vaporization process. An advanced convection heating system delivers smoother, more potent vapor. A sleek and solid carbon fiber body ensures sturdy performance on-the-go. With its convenient micro-USB charging port, anodized heating chamber, and powerful heating system, the Atmos Jump is an affordable vaporizer with great value.


Equipped with a long-lasting 1200mAh battery, the Atmos Jump is one of the most compact and powerful true vaporizers on the market. With its efficient convection-style heating, the Jump vaporizers dry herb efficiently. Rather than material directly on the hot surface of the chamber, the Atmos Jump vaporizes using hot air, extracting more compounds while maintaining a smoother profile. Convection is the way to go to preserve both terpenes (the pungent oils that give cannabis its flavor) and your stash—a small amount of herb can go a long way with this heating method. Every pull you take from the Atmos Jump is free of the harmful byproducts caused by combustion.


To load the Atmos Jump just twist the mouthpiece counter-clockwise to unlock and remove it from the device. The heating chamber will be exposed and you can drop your dry herb right inside. Once your herbs are tightly packed, but not so much as to restrict airflow, reattach the mouthpiece and you’re ready to vaporize.

To turn the device on, simply press the power button 3 times in succession. The LED on the front of the device will glow a warm orange to let you know that the Jump is heating up. When heating is done, the light will go from orange to green, letting you know you’re ready to start vaping. After about five minutes of good pulls, the Atmos Jump will power itself off in order to preserve battery. If you’d like to turn the Jump off by yourself, simply press the power button 3 times in rapid succession.


Atmos Jump is one of the least expensive portable vapes on the market today, but performs like a high-end device. Low on cost but high on reliability and performance, the Jump is perfect for beginners. With its single optimized temperature setting (around 400°F) the Atmos Jump takes the guessing game out of vaporizers and streamlines your vaping process. A simple one-button control is easy-to-use, promoting a seamless vaping experience.


For the best performance, keep your Atmos Jump vaporizer clean. This will ensure better flavor, effects, purity and airflow. Without regular care, sticky residue will build up inside the herb chamber of the Jump vaporizer. Atmos provided a brush tool in their box, which perfectly cleans the walls of the heating chamber. The cleaning brush should easily loosen any vaporized herbs that are in the chamber, making emptying quick and easy. DISCLAIMER: never use water when cleaning the chamber as the Atmos Jump has compact wiring inside that can become damaged if they get wet. For tackling the mouthpiece, all you’ll need is a cotton swab and a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution.

A simple design makes Atmos Jump easy to maintain. With regular care and some basic cleaning, your Atmos Jump can last much longer than intended. With its minimalist design and easily disassembled mouthpiece, you’re able to give your Jump a quick clean after every session. Included with your Atmos Jump purchase is a 5 year warranty.

We are stocked with Atmos Jump replacement parts, using original equipment manufacturer parts is one of the best ways to ensure consistent vaporizer performance.


  • Easy Access Mouthpiece
  • 1200mAH Lithium-ion Battery
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • User Manual
Weight 1.0 lbs



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